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January 28, 2013
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Eissabelle by AEdelline Eissabelle by AEdelline
So :D Here's my oc Eissa - I've made this drawing on paper over year ago - now i just took photo, traced over, colored and here it is :)

Some useless facts about Eissa *I'm just bored... So i might as well write it down... Don't read it unless You don't have anything better to do... Really it's boring*
1. At first Eissa was supposed to be evil mermaid with red hair and horns - but after some drawings i didn't like that idea. She was mermaid untill I've found out about :iconluna-academia: through - then she became Hydra.
2. When i was thinking about her background - she was had twin sister whom she hated - I gave up this story because it made her too Mary Sue for me *Rich family, sad story and great powers - MARY SUE*
3. To draw her skin You need 4 colors + 2 colors for cheeks, her eyes are made of 4 colors and her hair are made of 7 colors.
4. She likes to wear red and gold
5. I'm not sure of design of her necklace, so it's different every time i draw her... Let's just say - It's all up to You what kind of jewerly she wears.
5. She have a piercing in her left ear.
6. Oryginal design of her had tattoo on her face.

Additional info about her character/story:
1. Even through she's from rich family - she doesn't like to spend her parents money - so when she had 18 years she took a job. Being hydra makes her more resistant to poisons - so she was traveling around the world and looking for poisonous things like animals and flowers and made an antidote to their venom. You don't even know how much profit it gives xD
2. She have more than 7 siblings. She remembers only 7 through, the rest of them are too old and they got away from home when she was about 5. Her sisters names are: Marisha, Felicia, Amelia, Edion, Hitani and Edwina. Her brother name is Minore.
3. Once, on her journey she saw flying dragon and was so fascinated by it, that she made a decision to join Luna Academia and meet more winged persons. She doesn't know that the same dragon she saw destroyed city about 1 hour later. Most of people who lived in this city died, but she didn't see it because of her being hydra. She was just used to people hiding from her.
4. She's not sure what to think of kitsunes. She saw some earlier - and she knows that they're good people with honor, but she can't help it and thinks they look like bigger versions of her meals... She's kind of embrassed by this thought, becuase she don't want to think of them like that...
5. She used to be fat. Really. When she was around 7 her parents found her a hometutor who changed almost everything about her looks. Now she likes her looks more and she's glad she met someone like that.
6. Her hometutor was a really strict centaur guy. He didn't like it when Eissabelle *she hates that name* did something that ladies shouldn't do. She couldn't run, play on trees, shout and much more.
7. She wouldn't mind being half breed. Most of them are nicer than purebloods *well, not Solaris, but she can't figure her out...*
8. There are lots of hydras around the world. Some of them live in water, some of them on desserts. Eissa likes to live in woods, where is darker and safer. She doesn't like fens and lakes.
9. She's scared of Solaris and she thinks that headmaster is really nice kid *she really does think he's a kid*. She'd like to have a brother like him - more mature than the rest of those... brats she used to know...
Vyctorian Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013   General Artist
Fantastic job on the coloring.
AEdelline Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank You :D
Vyctorian Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013   General Artist
You're very welcome, hun!~
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